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Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

For those of you who have played the awesome psychological thriller game that is Alan Wake i have good news, The XBLA sequel has been released and i have to say it is not a bad purchase to make.

The story is that after getting trapped in the dark place beneath Cauldron Lake a dark doppelganger of Alan makes it’s way into the real world and Alan writes his way back to the real world to stop him.
Now the over game is short but for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15) you get your moneys work. The game features the campaign as well as an arcade mode to play as well.

The gameplay is the same as the last game although it has been polished a bit, but it works and i had no problems with that. Alan Wake was never a game with a complex battle system, so anyone should be able to pickup on the game fairly quickly.

Step 1) Point your flashlight at it.
Step 2) Shoot it.

Ammo and batteries are plentiful and there are reload boxed that fill your batteries and ammo to max everywhere so the difficulty level has been toned down a bit this time around. Overall the main story took me about 5 hours to beat but the arcade provides for extended amounts of fun, including a survival mode. If you have the time and the money i recommend downloading it.

8 out of 10

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