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Akaneiro: Demon Hunter Clarifications

Recently I got involved in the early access for Akaneiro: Demon Hunter. When planning out my review, I was performing some researching and found, to my dismay, that it had already seen its release back in January. After a lot of digging, I’ve found some controversy: This game was already released as a F2P MMO browser game.

This took me a fair amount of searching to find and I thought it’d be a good idea to post what I’d found in a centralized location. Most of this info was gathered from the community hub in steam:

1. Most importantly, this game WILL be free to play when it’s released.
2. This game takes a $10 charge as a sort of restrictive beta.
3. This game is in a second beta to fix a lot of the issues seen in release.
4. For those who had backed this on Kickstarter, they are currently working on a way to reward you in this new beta.
5. MMO functionality will slow start to be implemented peace-meal throughout the early access.

The designers were unhappy by where an initial open beta had left the balance and functionality. They’re hoping that by requiring an initial price-tag for the early access, they’re going to be able to get more serious and experienced feedback. But no worries, it will be a free to play MMO when it is released. I don’t know the exact date of when it will be released, but signs point to several weeks of testing first.

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