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Adventure Time The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the past… Arguably one of the greatest games of all time, you get sucked into an immense world of wonder and amazement of saving the land of Hyrule from the plot and clutches of the evil Agahnim and Gannondorf, it blew me away seeing that game on my Grandmother’s television for the first time when I was really young and could easily sit there for hours watching her play it.



With that said when i first started up Adventure Time and the Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, I got the same sense of wonder and amazement like I had with A Link to the Past. Nearly everything in the Nameless Kingdom is a giant homage to the series in some shape or form, I would pretty much classify this as a clone of the legendary game. Everything from how the menus are setup to just the way the world is laid out hints heavily at it.

With it using the same setup and mechanics almost to the “T” it is easy for new and old gamers alike to jump into it and know how to use the controls and feel comfortable with it at the same time, like a great philosopher once had said “if it isn’t broken why fix it”?


The story’s protagonist in this game sees Jake as the hero sent to save the kingdom while his pal Finn has been transformed into his trusty shield, they had been asked by the impatient Princess Bubblegum (excuse me princess…) to come figure out who of the 3 sisters are to rule the kingdom ( kinda hints to the 3 medallions? ) as stated in the opening dialogue. As you quest through the first all to familiar Castle you come to find out where you have to go to find the 3 sisters.

This is pretty much all the direction on what to do that the game provides in where to go in the beginning, if you are a first time player it is very easy to get lost in the dungeons or even getting to them all that is provided in how to get to it is a blip on your map in the menu, once you get to the first dungeon though it can be about the same i was running around for about 10 or so minutes trying to figure out where to go.

The game does in fact however provide significant challenge with the enemies and the combat system its a familiar sight as well, the enemies can be a little unforgiving at times when you say for instance get backed into a corner but finding an enemy’s weakness was a “puzzle” that i kind of enjoyed when I was a kid playing Link to the Past.

A lot of the humor in the game can be fun and silly at times and pays good attention to the style of humor as found on the show which is good that it can stay to the roots of its show and translate that over into this style of game play.

Overall i would say Adventure Time and the Secret of the Nameless Kingdom  is very enjoyable if you are a fan of the series it can be easily played if you are not familiar to it but you might not get some of the humor in the game I believe it deserves 6 out of 10

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