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Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom Info

Worldwide videogame publisher, Little Orbit, together with Cartoon Network Enterprises, announced recently that Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom has gone gold and is now in manufacturing.  The game will launch November 18, 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 3, PlayStation TV, and Xbox 360, and will be available for download on Steam (PC), Nintendo eShop, The PlayStation Network and Xbox Marketplace Games on Demand. Developed by WayForward Technologies, the title is rated E10+ by the ESRB.

In Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom, players take on the persona of Finn (the human) with help from his best bro Jake (the shape-shifting dog), as they navigate through the eponymous kingdom – a mysterious never-seen-before realm in the Land of Ooo.  Players will go on heroic quests, solve challenging puzzles and discover hidden secrets by exploring all corners of the Nameless Kingdom which was created exclusively for the game.  New and familiar characters from the Adventure Time series will be encountered along the journey.

Game Details

Oh my glob! The princesses of the Nameless Kingdom have been kidnapped! Naturally, Princess Bubblegum sends Finn on an adventure with his best bud Jake to find, rescue, and choose the princess to rule this new kingdom in the Land of Ooo. After all every kingdom needs its princess, right?

At long last, Cartoon Network, WayForward, and Little Orbit team up to create the Adventure Time game we’ve been craving! Adventure TimeTM: The Legend of the Nameless Kingdom is classic 16-bit styled top-down Action/Adventure game. As you’d expect with Adventure Time, this game comes fully equipped with all the humor and excitement fans have grown to expect. Play as Finn as he explores Ooo and the rest of the Overworld and battles his way through the treacherous enemies filled Temples while solving mind twisting puzzles. Let’s not forget, Jake will be there too, helping out as best buds do to rescue the 3 princesses of the Nameless Kingdom and crowning its one true princess ruler! Of course, Jake will also stick around to follow Finn with the numerous mini-adventures and side quests from many fan-favorite characters.

  • Cartoon Network, developer WayForward, and publisher Little Orbit team up for a third time with an all new adventure into a new land that will prove fun for fans of all ages.
  • Play solo as Finn to explore Temples, Caves and the Land of Ooo with the help of his bro, Jake!
  • Meet
  • Battle, push, lift, climb, leap, and drop your way through 3 distinctly styled temples!
  • Find out who kidnapped the Princesses of the Nameless Kingdom and battle them in an epic final dungeon!
  • Vanquish foes known to the dynamic duo Finn and Jake as well as some they’ve never seen before!
  • Overcome puzzles and challenges in each of the temples to rescue the princesses of the nameless kingdom!
  • Upgrade your weapons and acquire new abilities while avoiding curses throughout the Land of Ooo!
  • Help out fan-favorite characters with their mini adventures in the Land of Ooo’s Overworld including Ice King, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, Tree Trunks, Mr. Pig and many more!

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