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New Persona Q Trailer. Introduction for the Investigation Team

The Investigation Team from Persona 4 heads to the Yasogami High School Cultural Festival only to find things are…amiss. You’ll have to watch it and see what the mystery is! We also have new character videos for protein junkie from Persona 3 and the meat junkie from Persona 4, Akihiko Sanda and Chie Satonaka! The two front-line fighters will use the strength in their feet and fists in labyrinths to beat enemy shadows to death, but depending on the sub-Personas you give them, the two can be very versatile.

About Persona Q
Persona Q is a first-person dungeon crawling RPG adventure that combines the casts of the hit ATLUS games Persona 3 and Persona 4in a brand new story. Not only is Persona Q the first new RPG in the Persona franchise since 2008, but it is also marks the first time a Persona game will release on a Nintendo platform. The Personadevelopment team joined forces with the Etrian Odyssey development team to create a true fusion of the two franchises – Persona Q features the map-making and first person exploration from Etrian games and fuses it with the character development, combat, and motifs of the Persona games. Persona Q will be available at retail stores in normal and premium editions:
 Persona Q Regular Retail Edition:

  • Tarot Card Set #2 – The collection of the iconic Tarot Cards used as evokers in Persona 4 are being released as a collector’s set across Persona 4 Arena Ultimax andPersona Q Set #2 will include the Tarot Cards of Arcanas XI – XXI
  • Special Packaging – The first run of PQ items will come in a special package. 351
  • Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth: “The Wild Cards” Premium Edition:

  • This ultimate collector’s item is being made available in North America and will come in special packaging that includes the following items:
  • Tarot Card Set #2 – Same as above
  • Art Booklet – Collection of some of the amazing new artwork that went into Persona Q
  • Soundtrack CD – CD with the Persona Q soundtrack highlights by the ATLUS sound team
  • Deluxe Hard Case for 3DS XL – This hard case, previously available only in Japan, is coming to North America and features Persona Q designs and will house a 3DS XL 350

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