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Space Hulk Review


Space Hulk is a Turn Based Strategy Game developed by Full Control studios based on the tabletop game of the same name by games workshop. The story is fairly simple. The Blood Angels Chapter of Space Marines are sent into a huge derelict Space Hulk (giant space ship) called the Sin of Damnation. In order to redeem their chapters failure to cleanse a previous Space Hulk that almost wiped out their entire chapter 600 years prior. As they approach the Space Hulk they detect the presence of Gene Stealer, a part of and Alien race called the Tyranids. The Blood Angels mission is to find and assist their fellow Marines find a Psychic anomoly within the Space Hulk.

The Player takes command of Lorenzo Squad, a small 5 man Terminator Squad. Terminators are large heavily armored Space Marines who usually wield heavy weapons like massive chain guns and flamethrowers. The size of the Armor makes them slow but they are equipped with teleportation devices, to move from one part of the Space Hulk to another. Unfortunately despite being heavily armored the can’t seem to take more than a single hit from the rather small Gene stealers which is odd to me. The gameplay is that of what you would see in the tabletop game and the game runs on the same rules as the tabletop game I can forgive it.


The object of the game is to make it through the clostrophobic halls of the Space Hulk for various objectives, such as getting from one point to another on the map,killing all the Gene Stealers, or holding an objective from said Gene Stealers. Fairly straight forward. Despite the simplicity of the game it is fun and rather challenging. When your squad members die they don’t come back and you don’t get reinforcements, similar to what you would get from a game like XCOM, but it is nothing simply retrying the level upon failure fixes. one of the downsides to the game is the troop movement. They move extremely slow so if you lack patience that might bug you. All and All in All the game is fun, challenging and if you like the Tabletop Game you will get the exact same thing here and for $30 dollars its worth it. So if your’re a fan of Warhammer 40k get it, 7 out of 10

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