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Archives / 2010 / January

Battletoads Review

Ah yes…Warrior Amphibians! Such an epic ga…wait…OH! My Bad! I meant to say Battletoads! Lol! Yes, Battletoads was an epic game for it’s time. A mixture of light slapstick comedy with a pinch of ass-kicking violence. Who could argue? Anyway, let’s take a look at Battleto... Read On

DKC 2: Diddy Kong’s Quest Review

I wanna state for the record that I absolutely hate monkeys. I  hate those damn things! -No, I don’t find them funny. -No, I don’t find them cute. -Yes, I would eradicate one with a mere thought. However, there is one…JUST ONE monkey I do indeed respect…I am talking about Di... Read On

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