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10 Top…Mass Effect Characters

Whether it’s a villain, an ally, a squad member whom I’m just not sure if they’ll shoot me in the back, one of the many merchants or an irritating fan, the characters of Bioware’s Mass Effect are memorable. Loveable, sexy, bad-ass or just odd, having over 150 hours of collected playthroughs under my N7 belt I’m ready to ‘probe away’ at the more memorable faces in the Universe.

These are characters special to me and my Shepard, characters I admire, believe in. Creations that make me go ‘ooooh’, that I want to kill more than anyone else, who made me laugh or told a special story. Most of importantly, these are characters make me enjoy the incredible experience that is, has been, and always will be Mass Effect. [Wipes away a tear, then mans up]

Be aware the following contains spoilers for Mass Effect 1 & 2.

10) Donovan Hock

And just look at that beard!

Donovan Hock stands out for two reasons. Firstly he’s the only South African in the Galaxy. And secondly he has the best art collection in history. With pieces that include the Statue of Liberty, Ming Vases and enemies of Dragon Age (who came up with that idea!) he’s one of the wealthiest villains in space, but still bad-ass enough to send in troops blasting, regardless of any priceless pictures. His piloting skills and no-expenses-spared parties make him the man to know. Were it not for his cringe worthy speeches he might have edged higher up the list.




9) Garrus Vakarian

C-Sec Officer turned rogue in his pursuit for Saren. He’s got a mean streak that leads him to hunt down mad doctors, traitors and every mercenary group on Omega. Trust Garrus to pull off a headshot and cover your back with his ‘niffy eye thing’ (can someone tell me what it does). He even survives a rocket to the face, but why he doesn’t have time to buy a new set of armour is beyond me. SPECTRE potential, I think so. If you need a reference Garrus, just ask.

Sniper expert.

8. Aria T’Loak

She’s voice by Carrie-Anne Moss. She runs Omega. She keeps a Krogan on a lease. Don’t mess with this Asari. More stylish than Donovan Hock, more scope than Helena Blake. Featured in the novels and comics she also has the best disco in the galaxy, if only she could hire better bar staff.

Cool Asari. Bad posture.

7) Admiral Kohoku

Admiral Kohoku or Admiral Hackett? Hackett constantly bothers me about this mission and that task. Kohoku does it on his own. Hackett is worried about AI’s on the moon or biotics on the run. Kohoku risks his neck trying to take down Cerberus before we’ve even met the Illusive Man. Kohoku isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and pays for the consequences. Kohoku’s gritty end is an example of how Mass Effect raised the bar from colourful gaming to gritty sci-fi.

A soldier to the end.


6)Tela Vasir

The Asari SPECTRE helps us to track down Liara in the best DLC Mass Effect 2 had to offer. Working alongside another SPECTRE for the first time since Nihlus was a memorable experience. A crime scene, an exploding building and a story line with more twists than the Nürburgring. Not just a SPECTRE, but a pawn of the Shadow Broker. An exciting boss fight and even a hover car chase. She, like many others, learnt a valuable lesson. Don’t mess with Shepherd.

Biotic + SPECTRE = Danger.

5) Urdnot Wrex

In my opinion not just the hardest Krogan, but the hardest character in Mass Effect. Tough as nails. Yes you could kill him, but what a mistake that would be. He is independently working to alter the Krogan psychology from mindless merc’s to conscientious citizens of Tukucha. After a host of new faces and numerous meetings with the Illusive Man, what a welcome the familiar Wrex was to proceeding during the second episode.

Do not feed!

4) Legion

I’ve fought them for all of one and parts of two. They irritated me with their blip blip. Huge ones ran at me, flying ones killed Jenkins, and their ruined the citadel in a matter of minutes. But one Geth changed my assumption about the entire race. Legion. Not an individual, but a hive-mind, made up of numerous programmes. As he locked on to Shepherd through his sniper scope it may have well been a critical shot, but he protected me.Legion illustrated that not all Geth are the enemy, another great example of how Bioware turn the tables in the stories they weave.

Did you ever see him dance? Really. Check it out on YouTube.

3) Gianna Parasini

More twists and turns. The serene Noveria wasn’t all that it seemed, and at the end of it all Miss Parasini’s reveal that she was undercover is the cherry on the cake. A similar breed to Shepard: she doesn’t take any shit and is ready to bend the rules. Meeting her again in Mass Effect 2 for a drink was the greatest reward for uploading my character. There was history and mutual respect in that meeting, an experience noone who only played the second game could fully comprehend (sorry PlayStation 3 owners!). Sexy and driven, I believed she had more than her fair share of stories to tell, and an asset to humanity.


2) Thane Krios

What an introduction. I’ve fought my way to that top of some tower. Past rocket launchers and a host of enemies. And Thane jumps through a vent to finish his target with scientific precision. An artist in assassinations. Thane is full of memories and regrets, a need to redeem himself and a sickness to fight. The most compelling squad member of the series. Both for his ability and his character. Sitting to talk to Thane wasn’t a chore or a step closer to a gratuitous alien sex scene, but an insight into a race and mind-set. A creation of an interesting new species, and a filled out character. Science fiction writing to match Haldeman.

”]”]1) Captain Kirrahe

The greatest speech in the Mass Effect cannon. This Salarian lead his special forces group on a frontal assault against Saren’s Virmire fortress. Disregarding danger in favour of a greater objective to avoid a Krogan uprising. His life doesn’t matter, but the fate of the universe does. My Shepard learnt from Kirrahe, he followed his example and tried to emulate his selflessness. A three dimensional character, who needed time to talk to his squad, who worried about problems, who faced his fears. The possibility of meeting him again in the adventures of Mass Effect Three is at the forefront of my mind. It is impressive how a character I only spend half an hour with has stuck in my memory so vividly. As is the power of gaming. Finger’s crossed he’s fronting the Salarian forces in Mass Effect 3. If not, how about a spin off.

Hold the line.

So there it is. My top ten Mass Effect characters. But who are the faces you loved, or hate. Who made your experience in Eden Prime or going to the Citadel a joy. What about the Council, Anderson, the Reapers. Let me know your thoughts and experiences as we look forward to Mass Effect Three.

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